bob ross painting

No experience is necessary to participate in latte craft’s painting
experience! We have artist led classes where you can pick from
100+ images or bring your own, and walk out with finished
artworks in an hour. Or go solo and enjoy creating on a canvas
with a cup of coffee by your side.

“With every cup of coffee you drink you partake in one of the
great mysteries of cultural history”

The origins of the first coffee plant species to be cultivated by
man, coffea arabica, is said to originate in the southwestern
highlands of Ethiopia.
The first to recognize the energizing effects of coffee, or būna
as it is commonly referred to by Ethiopians, were the ancestors
of today’s Oromo ethnic group (the largest ethnic group in the
country). The plant’s prevalence is paramount when it’s history
is paralleled to the historical timeline of the continent of
Africa. Coffee was growing across the landscapes “during the
building of the Pyramids, the waging of the Trojan War, the
ascendancy of Periclean Athens, and the conquest of Persia
by Alexander the Great; after that it continued to flower
through the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and the early
Middle Ages.”

An evocative origin and historical development
provided for the word “coffee” links it to the region of
Kaffa (now spelled “Kefa”) in Ethiopia, which is today one of
Africa’s noted growing districts.